Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Post for dying blog??

Another random post after 8 months since last update
crap~you can't imaging that i really had join nursing!
haha.Its true but nursing is challenging and fun as is different as what you think
*Group photo during Nurses Day in Semester 1
~sad that few of them already leave the small group =(
Back to topic~as now is August and i have already in Semester 2 and i currently busy for clinical posting. The most exciting is that i had finally done my formal first time IM injection and dressing today.It's mean i can do it more in future?.omg why i suddenly so happy about that?.hahas

It's tiring but i had learn a lot of things from everyone around me and from the previous few months, I had gone through of happy,sad,anger?! and many experience that I couldn't express it out in words. My english language is too poor.hahas

Anyway, after long time of been a sleeping member for Leo Club. I m back again for Leo Club and involving myself in any activities if possible.Crap~ i really is too lazy for past few months, I need more motivation and energy from someone perhaps? hahas

Another interesting competition"1 GREEN MALAYSIA" Recycling Item Design Competition jointly organized by Leo Club of Penang(City),Chung Ling High School and Convent Dato Keramat with the support of YOUTH JAM 10' is coming!when?? 29th of August, where?? Penang Time Square!!
Come! i need your support to make this interesting competition to SUCCESS!!
further details? you can get the information from

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday and charity home hopping!

Finally update blog again

its a long time since i update my blog

omg i feel like i start lazy to update my blog

after i went back penang i always go out with my gang

feel like didnt rest from the time i back penang till now

then let zi qin jio me go join the event charity home hopping

its quite fun but the end i feel like this project is not so sucess

anyway forget about it let the picture say about it**i m lazy to type out
My group(Me,Zi Qin,Joanne and Pei Chia)
one of the task need to finish on that day:Wash the Van for Charity Home

Zi Qin Vain Pose after event haha

Sunday, November 1, 2009

R.I.P James

my update after a long time for tis blog was a sad post

i really shock when i know the news that my beloved senior and friend

James Khor was passed away

its really cant acceptable by many people

althought we already few years didnt contact

but the time when we are same in leo club still playing in my mind

if god give me a wishes

i really wish that the time will roll back and wont let this sad stuff happen

we will remember you forever

rest in peace James

Thursday, September 3, 2009


yo..recently i m busy for my exam and somemore i m sick last few weeks..
feel damn terrible that time..

but now college and hostel life went back normal

opps..yesterday just accidently broke my spec. frame..

so need rush to the shop and fix it then change the new one since that broke one cannot use

**new frame!!

woot..then just start to learn how to collect bloods from patient..

the daily job i gonna do for future...its quite hard at 1st because not so understand how to hold it properly..

but after few times of pratice finally i get the way to collect

**different tube for different test
**snapped photo after finish pratical=)
Today really rushing time la..after finish pratical..
we whole class plan to go sunway to have our dinner together..
aiks..but not all people can go with us..thats the things i dont like
but finally still got 2/3 of my classmate go with us..hahaz
then our final decision is go for pizzahut..then wait till some of my malay friends buka puasa we
just start our meal..
Then around 10 we just back hostel..aiks
damn tired la..but is quite happy since is 1st gathering party for my classmate
PS:13 days more to meet you all guys and girls!!..miss you all man

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1st cooking in hostel

Today after class my housemate and me decide to go tesco to bought some ingredients back to

cook for 1st time since we move in to this new hostel

3 boys go tesco and buy vegetable or some meat things looks a bit weird ler

its spend us around rm130 for some cooking stuff and ingredients

then when we back we start and cook FRIED RICE!!
finally finish the FRIED RICE!!
haha actually we also brought 1 roasted chicken back from tesco since its was rm5 for 1 bird

Get shocked when i m eating and its taken by my housemate Akmal and Satvinder.

SEM 2 start~~

1st day start my sem 2 in my college Sime Darby Nursing & Health Science College


feel like i need more holiday

when step in the class

feel like i m back again to my classroom


we receive our labcoat and goggle for lab posting and pratical

when we wear that feel like a doctor**gossh

thick face 1 time again..wakaka

anyway..its look nice when we wear the labcoat


Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter 6

Harry potter and The Half-Blood Prince

one of the movie i expect can be better than the 5 episode of harry potter

but i think the movie is mainly talk about the story so they had cut many part i get to know is
cool in the book like fighting after Snape kill Dumbledore and the ending of the book when they
pray for Dumbledore after he get murder by Death Eaters.

anyway...i think is still ok for this episode since it's still got some cool part like the part
Dumbledore cast a fire wall to rescue Harry